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We Love Collaborating with Our Partners and Customers

Think Football

Much like football, video production has three important phases that are vital to the overall game plan of producing a winning video. We help our partners with any phase of the game, pre-production, production, or post-production and with customers, we help them tackle all three phases:

  •    Pre-production

  •    Production

  •    Post-production

Pre-Production = Game Planning


Pre-production is the first and maybe the most important phase of the process. No coach would let his team go into a game with out a great game plan. This is where we help you identify and analyze your target audience, establish goals and objectives for the video, and decide the approach you will take in delivering your intended message and call-to-action.  Services include:

  •    Script Review/Scriptwriting and       Interview Design

  •    Location Scouting and Scheduling 

  •    Production Design and Talent Referrals

  • KC Visuals Pre-production

    Production = Game Plan Execution


    The production phase can be both challenging and fun. This is where you take your plans and start to bring the project from paper to video life. KC Visuals shoots with multiple HD and 4K cameras to provide premium coverage to your project, allowing more flexibility when we get to the editing process. Services include:

  •    Single and Multi-camera HD/4K Shooting

  •    Lighting and Sound Recording

  •   Talent and Crew Direction

  • KC Visuals with MOC

    Post-production - Where the Magic Happens


    The editing phase is where everything you worked for in the first two phases, comes together. The story comes together with the video in sequence, sound is tweaked with music and sound fx added, and the graphics put a finishing touch to complete transition from script to raw footage to final video.  Services include:

  •   Video Logging and Editing

  •   Titles and Graphics

  •   Stock Video, Music and   

      Voiceovers Available

  • KC Visuals with MassAmerican Energy

      Remote Production for Pandemic Times

    Covid-19 Protocols

    Flexibility and Adaptability are not just catch phrases during these pandemic times, they are vital attributes in a company's ability to survive in this economy. KC Visuals understands the need to social distance, and has added remote production as a new way to produce effective videos. Using tools like Zoom, GotoMeeting and Streamyard, or even a client's cellphone, we have been able to record great videos and help keep our customer's online presence intact. Services include:

  • Remote Video and Audio Recording with Zoom, Streamyard, or Cell Phones

  • Loaner Kit with light and USB mic can be shipped to client

  • Produce Client Video Blog/Podcast with post-production bells and whistles