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Storytelling is Our Calling

               We Tell Stories Using Video

Storytelling is an artform that dates back to the beginnings of mankind. Today, video is a very important tool in telling your story to customers. We are here to help you tell your story online, your website and social media platforms.

Stories attract and engage your audience, and reinforce the message you intend them to receive. Let's work together to identify your audience, attract them with your story, call them to action and convert them into customers with your solution.

We may have great experience but we are hip to latest and greatest technologies and always learning new ways to share your story.

What Moment Changed Your Life Forever?

Finding his inner Cecil B. DeMille

Mike Connell is a video producer and storyteller who founded KC Visuals Unlimited, Inc. in 1988, but he began telling stories with a camera long before that.  As a young boy, Mike was always fascinated with his Dad's Kodak movie camera, and by the age of 10, bought himself a super8 movie camera for himself with birthday money he saved. Mike would shoot funny movies with his brothers and friends, but also would shoot film at sports games he attended, especially the Boston Celtics. Filmmaking was what Mike wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Mike studied TV and Film at Emerson College and graduated with a BS in Mass Communications in 1980.  Shortly thereafter, he landed a job as a video producer for the American Mutual Insurance Companies and honed his craft producing videos for training, marketing, sales promotions, and his favorite, holiday party bloopers. When American Mutual went into receivership in 1988, Mike was let go, but purchased the company's video equipment and founded KC Visuals Unlimited, Inc.  Fast-forward 32 Years, and KC Visuals is still going strong today.

How Has Your Industry or Market Changed?

 Revolutionary changes from analog to digital

There have been so many changes in the film and video industry in the last 40 years, it's mind blowing. The hardware has mostly been changed over to software, and the cameras are smaller yet so much more powerful and produce images you could only imagine years ago, and at substantially reduced prices. However, the storytelling methods remain pretty similar.  You still have to write a compelling script and reinforce it with appropriate images and sound. At KC Visuals, we help our customers identify and analyze their target audience, gear a compelling message to gain their attention, and then show how the customer provides solutions to painful problems for their audience. It's very important to iron out the messaging and approach in pre-production before you ever shoot any pictures.

Once the story is defined, the shooting schedule can be arranged with the appropriate parties. KC Visuals shoots all video in HD or 4K at this point, but can rent higher grade equipment if the project scope warrants the increased quality, ie, the final product is going to TV and/or theatrical release. Most projects KC Visuals handles in-house, but on occasion we go to our pool of independent professional camera operators, sound engineers, and lighting directors if the project is larger in scope.

We Create Communication Solutions

Your Success is Our Success!

KC Visuals Unlimited has the experience and talent to produce you the cost-effective video your business requires in this digital world. Our mottos still remain the same today, "KC Visuals will take your video project from concept to completion... on time and within budget", and "We Create Communication Solutions". Since 1988, we have been helping our customers tell their story, creating leads, and converting customers; or providing great event videos with multiple camera coverage, or sports game videos coaches use to teach their players how to play better.

Finally, we are not letting Covid-19 prevent us from helping our customers.  KC Visuals has adapted to the pandemic times and we are using remote or online tools to record videos with our customers, be it zoom, Go To Meeting, Stream Yard, or even the client's cell phone.  We have put together online video events for Tufts School of Dental Medicine and World Unity Inc., attracted thousands of viewers and replaced what would have been in person events. Both customers were quite pleased with the results. You will be too. Give us a call at 978-935-0373, or email us today, at [email protected].

We Can Even Help You Do it Yourself

Video Marketing Made Easy

"Video Marketing Made Easy", was written by Mike Connell a few years back to help people that want and need to use video in their marketing efforts, but have to do the videos themselves. The tips and tricks Mike provides are easy and simple to implement, and will help the average person make much better videos as they proceed. Of course, technology goes forward so fast, some of the equipment may be outdated already, but the basic concepts of telling a story, good lighting and sound, properly framed pictures, etc. still apply today.

From Amazon page where book is available: Video Marketing has become a buzzword. You want to use video to tell your story online but you can't really afford it right now. So what do you do? You start shooting your own videos and creating your own video marketing campaigns, using this book to guide you every step of the way. Video Marketing Made Easy will help you acquire affordable equipment to make your videos polished and professional. It will help you plan for every phase, pre-production, production, editing, and posting your videos. You will learn how to analyze your audience, establish goals and objectives, and produce videos that will attract, engage, and convert your audience into customers and raving fans. 

Who is your target audience?  Where are they located? What are their demographics?  What problems do they have where you can provide a needed solution?  How do you grab their interest in the first 6 seconds of your video? (The average watch time on Facebook is 6 seconds) These are all questions to ask before you shoot any video. If you are doing a script, be sure it answers all these questions.  If you are doing interview style, design the questions to that you provide the answers your audience wants and needs to hear from you so that they see you are some one they need to connect with and possibly hire. "Video Marketing Made Easy" will guide you through the steps to creating marketing videos that convert leads in to customers and raving fans.

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